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-Are you dumpster divers?! Does your produce come out of the trash?


Absolutely not. We develop relationships with sources to obtain unwanted produce BEFORE it goes into the dumpster.

-What happens to produce that goes bad?


-Do you purchase any of your food?


-Do you accept other food besides fruits and veg?

Yes! Let’s talk about it!

What about cooked food and leftovers?

Each situation is different! Please call us to find the best solution for your donations. We always want to keep edible food out of the trash.

-Are you a food pantry?


-Who can shop?

Anyone and everyone. Veggie lovers and veggie haters.

-To get free produce do I need an ID, some paperwork, household size? Proof of something??

No, no and no. Nope.


-The Dayton Foodbank is AWESOME! How are you different?


The Dayton Foodbank IS the best and we love and support all that they do! We are an additional place to donate food and an outlet for any of the food bank’s excess. We fight food waste by focusing on produce rescue which requires quick turnover and immediate distribution.


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